Our Team

Employees are key to a successful organization.

At Axis Consultants, we have a large team of professionals like CAs, CSs, Architects, Town Planners, and Lawyers to handle nitty-gritty of the business as and when required.

We also have with us several retired officers from key government departments like Electricity Boards, Development Authorities, Pollution Boards, Fire, Environment and Forest, Airport Authority of India, Water and Sewerage, Banks, etc., who help in liaising with different government offices and departments to secure NOCs and requisite construction permits, and arranging project approvals from concerned government departments and financing from banks, if required.

Considering the complexity of the business, Axis Consultants employs and engages with only the most qualified and experienced professionals to handle required operations with utmost secrecy, sincerity and trust. Our team of experts from different fields is adequately equipped to meet and resolve everyday challenges during the entire construction process and deliver what is promised to our customers well within stipulated time span.

If you are planning a construction project in UP or Uttarakhand, Axis Consultants can help you at every step of the construction process from start to end and deliver best possible results from the project resolving all major and minor issues that may obstruct project execution or delivery.

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