Central Ground Water Authority, Ministry of Jal Shakti and State Ground Water Departments

(1) – Development of Village Water Security Plan and Design for Rain water harvesting structure

Central Ground Water Authority has issued directives to Industries which are extracting excess ground water to adopt villages and develop a Village level water security plan for the adopted village as well as developing Rain Water Harvesting structures within the premises of the industry.

(2) – Axis Consultants provide support for preparation of “Village Water Security plans” and also in designing of rain water harvesting structures. These plans and designs will help in ensuring sustainability of available ground water and surface water resources and safe drinking water for locales.

(3) – CGWA / CGWB No Objection Certificate Consultancy ( NOCAP system )

Axis Consultants provide support in obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Central Ground Water Authority for withdrawal of ground water by Industries ( Boring NOC ).

(4) – Artificial Recharge to Ground Water and Rain Water Harvesting ( RWH )

Support is provided for preparing detailed Plan and Design for Artificial Recharge to ground water, Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation structures, based on local hydrogeological, hydrological and climatic conditions.

(5) – Environmental Impact assessment (EIA)

Environmental Impact assessment is carried out to observe quantitative and qualitative impacts of ground water abstraction and recharge measures on ground water regime. In addition Impact studies based of dynamism of pollutants in ground water in different hydrogeological environments including its source finding, trends and remedial measures is done. The studies are used for predictive analysis in different scenarios.

(6) – Water Management Plans

Axis Consultants provide services for formulating Water Management plans for sustainable water resource development- through integration of different watershed techniques for supply side as well as demand side interventions.

(7) – Ground Water Quality analysis

Quality analysis (Basic parameters) of ground water samples collected from dugwells/ hand pumps/shallow & deep tubewells etc. are done from NABL Accredited lab.

(8) – Geophysical studies

Geophysical studies for assessment of ground water resource potential of subsurface formations, it’s quality, designing of tubewell, bathymetric analysis of water bodies etc. are done by Axis Consultants. Resistivity surveys, Profiling, Electrical Logging, Gamma ray logging, Calliper logging etc. are done by experts using advance instruments.

(9) – Data base management

Axis Consultants provide solutions for scientific database management through development of a robust application software- customized as per requirement of the client. This software will be useful for data entry, processing and retrieval of processed data in desired formats. The time series analysis for trends and future projections can be done using this software. Spatial and temporal analysis of the data is done using GIS platform.

(10) – Installation of piezometers with Digital Water Level recorder

Keeping a record of daily water level data has been made mandatory for many industries to monitor the impact of ground water abstraction on ground water regime. Now the manual monitoring of water levels is not possible and hence advance techniques of automatic water level recorders has been introduced and recommended by CGWA. Axis Consultants provide full support in Installation of piezometers with Digital Water Level recorder with/ without telemetry system for regular recording of ground water level levels and it’s retrieval as and when required.

(11) – Installation of Digital Flow meters with/ without telemetry system

CGWA has given directives to all the industries/ infrastructures/ miners to install digital flow meters in the ground water abstraction structures. Axis Consultants provide services in facilitating Installation of Digital Flow meters with/ without telemetry system.

(12) – Digitization of thematic layers and preparation of thematic maps

Axis Consultants provide services for digitization of various relevant layers on GIS platform, as per requirement of client and preparation of geo referenced thematic maps.

(13) – Training Programmes offered

Short term Training programmes are conducted on following topics –

  • Three days training programme on Application of GIS (Geographic Information System) for formulation of Water Management Plans.
  • Two days training programme on Artificial Recharge and Water Conservation Techniques including one day field visit to water conservation and artificial recharge structure sites.
  • One day training on Analysis of Ground Water Quality data and preparation of reports and maps.
  • Two Days training programme on Ground Water Quality parameters analysis and Health Impacts.
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